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You’re here. Yaaas Queen! You actually typed Fag into your web browser.

FagSigns is a neon signage company, based out of Brooklyn NY, serving the LGBTQ+ community as well as those feeling marginalized in a problematic world, specializing in words and phrases. Our mission is to light up your words both physically and metaphorically.

One day I wrote the word fag on a piece of paper in a bright, bold, pink paint marker, I thought hmmm, this will make an outrageous neon sign. Thinking nothing of it, I left it on the table near my desk. Later in the afternoon the manager came in acrimoniously demanding to know who wrote it. It really caught me off guard. After a moment. I said… I did…..Because I am one. In that instant I could see the power of taking back a word that was weaponized against me. I knew from that moment on I needed to reclaim it as my own. And FagSigns was born.


We want to create the queerest, brightest, neon shop that ever existed and we do this by:

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-Training individuals through an apprenticeship program and working with youth. 

The dream is to introduce glass to folks who normally would never have the opportunity. These individuals will become proficient in the medium via an apprenticeship program and thrive in the creative sector because of transferable skills. Contemporaneously they will have the opportunity to see themselves represented and work with other queer creatives while skilling up.

-Collaborating with artists not represented in the mainstream and bringing into focus these efforts.

FagSigns presented a group exhibition featuring new neon works by a broad spectrum of queer artists in a collective declaration of where the LGBTQ community has been and is heading toward.  

Neon is a bygone marketing tool that advertises, announces, or points to something or somewhere. Language is an increasingly important aspect to the LGBTQ ecosystem. By marrying the two, FagSigns invited ten artists -- whose identities and work span a full spectrum of age, gender, race and medium -- to meditate on a word or phrase, and unpack that language into light. The resulting works produced yet another spectrum; yielding some works with a visual language that is confrontationally charged, and others more subtle and lyrical in nature. 

These collaborations were presented at Heller Gallery in celebration of New York City Pride, World Pride, and 50 Years of Stonewall.

-Taking on challenging and meaningful projects.

Whether mounting an exhibition, speaking at a conference, or prodding at the establishment FagSigns is committed to forwarding underrepresented voices in the creative sector. More projects to come and please reach out if you have an amazing idea, a crazy project, or just something you have been dreaming of - drop us a line.